What Can Be Shaken, Will Be Shaken

 What can be Shaken, will be Shaken

Shaker — a
common name for an earthquake in California. We
had one on Wednesday, July 7, and without warning, things began to move randomly. The two of us were working away in our home office when it started. We jumped up and rushed to the back yard. It was a magnitude 5.4 and the epicenter was 25 miles south of us. Fortunately, only a couple of things in the house fell.

A “shaker” brings change— radical and unexpected change. What happens with more  deliberate change? What about being changed into the image of Christ? How do we cooperate with this form of shaking?

I was moved recently by a statement of John of the Cross. “Determine in your heart to reach the highest place in God. By that, I mean, learning how to live each day in pure, loving oneness with him.” God gives this desire for oneness to his children. How does God facilitate this journey toward oneness with him? A primary way is shaking. I have been reflecting of late on the concept “what can be shaken, will be shaken”. This thought is laid out in Hebrews 12:25-29.

On many fronts, for so many of us, God is lovingly shaking us free from all the things that do not have to do with “pure, loving oneness with him”. If it can be shaken, it is not eternal. If it is not eternal, why wouldn’t we want to be
“shaken free” of whatever it is? God’s shaking is his love in action.

Delores and I have concluded that God has called us to live exaggerated lives of faith. He
asks different things of his kids. He has called us to this non-conventional life, close to the
edge, to encourage others that he truly is a faithful God who meets all his children’s needs. It is the story line God has given the two of us. It is one we increasingly understand and embrace.

The economic shaking of the last couple of years has resulted in a significant loss of donations. Our recurring monthly income has taken a big hit since the last half of 2008. Because of this we are making a mid-summer appeal for much needed cash infusion to help carry us into the fall. God has provided economical housing through our friend, Debbie Camargo, (pictured at right with Delores). Debbie is working in Africa and her home in Palm Desert has become our home for now. She is truly living what she has on her
front door, “mi casa es su casa”.

I arrived in Southern California May 1 and Delores followed May 20. Connecting with old and new friends at JPL Bible Church and being part of this church family, is such a privilege. We also make frequent trips to Orange County where
we continue to invest in the ministry God has given us there. God continues to open doors for expanded ministry here in the West, and we continue to walk through them.

In late September we will head back to Louisiana and our granddaughters. Our ministry is emerging in the South. We are encouraged by what God is doing. Our greatest joy is to play our part in helping to build healthy churches.

Thankful that you are a part of our story,

Scott – on behalf of “the Scott and Delores show”

P.S. Though we live in Palm Desert, the Laguna Niguel address is where we receive mail.

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