What a Calling – What a Privilege!!

Look closely and you will find us.  Scott is the white headed one on the back row left and I am the blonde in front of him to the right. To you these are just people scrunched up together but please take a closer look.  You are looking at people sold out for Jesus. People who have laid aside their agenda and have chosen to be missionaries to the U.S.  People who are committed to developing leaders to strengthen and start churches worldwide.


Pictured is the U.S. CRM Staff plus Robert and Marilyn Clinton in the honored chairs.  He is a professor at Fuller Seminary.  His research and findings on how God develops Christian leaders has formed the foundation for much of CRM’s ministry.

The month of March is certainly an active one for these two “Oldie Goldies”.  The month began with me (Delores) launching “Women in Ministry”.  The vision for this gathering of women has been brewing in me for about five years.  Our vision reads: — Women connecting as ministry wives: learning together while holding each other up through laughter and tears; a community where Jesus is loved and lifted up and sisters are accepted just as they are without pretense or judgment — Our first gathering was all I had hoped for it to be.  Women from four different denominations sat around my dining room table and shared some of the ways God has led them in their lives.  I watched women connect and identify with one another.  What a privilege for me!

At the end of that week we drove to Pasadena, CA, to attend The Gathering.  U.S. CRM staff met for two days; taking time to fellowship, worship and pray.  Also the new structure of Innovative Teams was laid out for our comments and input.  Most of the staff are entrepreneurial types.  Scott and I are excited about the potential for iTeams.  The goal of this new structure is for every team and every staff to have a greater platform from which to learn from others, influence the entire organization, and minister to the church.

After returning home to sit in the sun and feast on the ocean waves for a few hours, we began our next adventure on Tuesday.  CRM holds SUPERWEEK once a year.  For staff it is a time to either present materials to build up the body of Christ or to learn in workshops in order to better equip us.  Denominational leaders (this year 23 denominations) plus pastors and lay leaders come to learn and share around tables of 6-10 per table.  A SUPER time was had by all!

After commuting daily, we were able to collapse on Saturday.  Sunday found us driving to Palm Desert to share JPL’s GRAND OPENING.  We leave here for Ohio March 29 to spend a week with Pat and Jackie Murray and Living Word Church of Dayton.  We are eager to see God’s work there.

This has truly been us “on the road”,

Delores – for the two of us

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