The teamwork process involves many working member

“The teamwork process involves many working members…….when a final initiative is put in place, there are more supporters to champion the cause, more people to actually put the plan into action—which can be a major factor in overcoming an organization’s (church’s) natural resistance to change.” 
Taken from: Martin Luther King, Jr. on Leadership, by Donald T. Phillips

Both of these pictures were taken one evening when the implementation team from Love and Faith Christian Center got together to work on the initiatives for Empowering Leadership.  It takes a lot of hard work from these dedicated leaders.  We are convinced the results will benefit the church greatly with a greater number of the people feeling empowered to serve their Lord more effectively.

The picture to the right is of the wonderful staff at Living Word Church.  We took this after their Tuesday morning staff meeting.  After 4 up close and personal visits with these people, they are family. We carry them in our hearts.

The quote in red is from a challenging book Scott and I are currently reading, Martin Luther King, Jr on Leadership.  That quote is no less true in the church than anywhere else
In the last month and a half we were in Love and Faith Christian Center in Cincinnati, Ohio, and Living Word Church in Dayton, Ohio.  Both churches were addressing their minimum factor from a Natural Church Development survey they had taken recently.  Just as each church God builds is unique, the steps they must take to improve their minimum factor must also spring from the uniqueness of each body of believers.

…That’s my story this month.
This is Delores, reporting for the two of us

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