The Joy of Gift Discovery

People Helping Others People Helping Others be God’s Hands and Feet
We recently finished the third and final Wednesday Gifts Counselor Training for the Baton Rouge Vineyard. I am excited about the time we had with the men and women on the right and wanted to share this with you.

These people have a real interest in seeing the Baton Rouge Vineyard have an atmosphere that is alive with people learning their spiritual gifts and being encouraged to find how God will use them to build up the church. Pastor Jon Maurer is the man on the left side of the picture. We were pleased to have him join us for each session. Some of the people pictured have spiritual gifts that fit them perfectly to help people discover and strategically apply their gifts. This process brings much joy and fulfillment to the helper and the helped.

God, the Adjuster
Have you noticed  the dynamic when you have plans and in the midst of those plans God steps in and makes “adjustments”. He does this with us all the time.

Our friends, Steve and Barbara Prendergast, have sold their Palm Desert home due to unplanned “adjustments” in their lives. Steve is currently facing the reality of cancer. Their home has been our home in California these past three years. Their generosity has been a major blessing in our lives.

In our current cycle, God has opened up a place for us to live in Dana Point, California. Dana Point is near where we lived until beginning our split year in 2009. We look forward to once again being “up close and personal” with our California churches. We depart Baton Rouge May 9.

A Horn TraditionA Horn Tradition
Family traditions add continuity and connectedness to our lives. For us, taking our granddaughters, Amber and Sage, camping is a tradition we thoroughly enjoy. The picture on the right was taken recently. Ryan and his girlfriend, Sharon, joined us so they could spend time with Ryan’s daughters. It was a time of buiding on this tradition and making more great memories.

Blessings to Each of YouBlessings to Each of You, from Our Hearts to Yours
May you experience the joy of the Lord as you continue on your journey. God is to be praised for always being the shepherd of us all. It is a joy to know his voice and follow along after him!

This is Delores, for the two of us

Prayers & Praises
We are praising the Lord for our rich and rewarding time spent in Louisiana.
We are also praising him for continuing to open doors to spread the message of gift-based ministry.
1. Ask for safety during all our travels.
2. Ask God that we could bless and enrich the lives of people we encounter in our journeys.

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