Real People – Real Places

Real People — Real Places

Scott and I love what we do. One reason is because of the two churches profiled in this letter. God has called us to help increase health in churches. I feel like a proud sibling as I tell you about two very healthy churches full of people we love.

JPL Bible Church – Rancho Mirage, California

Meet Steve and Marty Sorensen. Steve is pastor at our home church in the desert. Marty heads up women’s ministry and is part of the worship team. We have worked with JPL since its inception eight years ago. When JPL last took the Natural Church Development
survey which measures the eight quality characteristics found in every church, the quality that had the highest score was Gift-based Ministry.

One beautiful aspect of JPL is the way people are included and accepted. People are made to feel significant. This shows up in the survey regarding the use of people’s spiritual gifts. The survey measures key aspects in each quality characteristic and “significance of ministry” came out the highest within Gift-based Ministry. This confirms my point that people feel their part in building the church is significant. It is a privilege to
participate in this caring church.

Crossline Community Church – Laguna Hills, California

Meet JP and Donna Jones. JP is the senior pastor of Crossline Community Church. JP’s teaching has also expanded to include a daily radio ministry. Donna is one of the Bible teachers in Women’s Ministry and an excellent speaker. We have been involved with Crossline since its inception in the fall of 2004 and, yes, Crossline is our home church in Orange County.

Crossline’s recent NCD survey indicated the quality characteristic of Loving Relationships as its strongest area. One can actually experience this quality by being on the church campus any given Sunday. John 13:35  says “By this all men will know you are my disciples if you love one another.” There is energy in the air. It is obvious that people are excited to be there and involved in one another’s lives around God’s purposes.

Crossline is an important part of our story. We find real joy in playing our part in the ongoing development of this dynamic church.

In Closing

“Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.”  Confucius

I’m not sure I totally agree with Confucius because some days it does feel like work; but, my heart is full,
I am content and thankful for the strength and ability
to be used for the Lord.

Rejoicing in the work,
Delores, for the two of us

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