Our Uncle Wiggly Adventure – Scott’s Heart Attack

Christmas, 2003
Uncle Wiggly was a wise old rabbit
gentlemen who loved to leave his house and gather some of the  neighborhood animal children together.  Then they would strike out on an Uncle
Wiggly Adventure.  You
see, it was an adventure because as they started out, they never knew what they would face.
They nearly always had an adventure and it almost always ended up with Uncle
Wiggly helping someone out.


 You may have read these stories to
your children.  Our kids loved them.
Any time we wanted to go do something unknown with the kids we would grab them up and say we were taking them
on an Uncle
Wiggly adventure.


November 23 Scott and I started out early
in the day to drive to Oklahoma from Laguna Niguel, California, for Thanksgiving fellowship with the family; we
thought, but God knew we were starting out on an Uncle
Wiggly Adventure!

The adventure is really about this sweet man you see pictured.
He seems extra sweet to me now because I’m so glad to have him still around.
Long story, short, Scott woke with chest pains at 1:30 in the morning.  The
next thing I know, we are jumping into the car, I’m getting to run a red light with feeling no guilt and we are at
the ER.  Thanks to God, Scott was able to avoid a heart attack. (Actually,
we discovered later that it was a heart attack). 
The Heart Hospital of New Mexico (where they sent us) was only two miles down the road from our hotel.


 28 hours later Scott was released having had two stints
inserted into a vessel that had been 100% blocked!  We were certainly the
ones helped out this time.  Many people prayed for Scott.
If you were one of those we were able to reach, thank you for praying.  When
God’s people join together in prayer, power is released.  We experienced
that power and are SO GRATEFUL!


and I feel extremely blessed to have faced a life threatening crisis and to have been safe in the hands of the
living God.

I explained to the nurse who took care of Scott throughout the night, I knew she was the very best (she agreed
that she was
because we were God’s kids and he gave us the best.
We flew home on Thanksgiving Day and God even had the ticket lady upgrade us to First Class from Phoenix to
Orange County!
I leaned over to Scott and asked him how the son of the King felt about First Class.
He wanted to know how the daughter of the King liked it.
We both agreed it was great!


Merry Christmas to You from Us!


Reporting from the Field


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