Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride

Mr Toad's Wild RideI am reporting to you from Palm Desert, California. This is where Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride has stopped for now.

In late 2008 God put a thought in Delores’ heart about investing more substantially in our granddaughters during their teen years. That seed of a thought grew and became a reality in October of last year when we relocated to Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

The vision is to divide our year between Louisiana and California. Now that we are back
in California, the initial cycle is complete. Our current primary task is to invest in the
ministry we have in this region and determine what new doors for ministry may be opening. In late September we will travel back to Baton Rouge to continue the investment in Sage and Amber, engage family and friends in the South and “tend the garden” of ministry God is identifying for us there.

The Adjusted Vision
The Adjusted VisionOur original plan was to share a house with Amy and the twins and for us to keep the house year round. Amy’s marriage in April adjusted this plan. The lease on the Hagerstown house expired in May and we did not renew it. Delores and I moved most of our belongings to a storage unit in Baton Rouge. We purchased a 4’x6′ enclosed trailer to pull behind the Honda. This we loaded
with the items necessary to live and work in California for five months. Actually, the bulk of this turned out to be the files, books and office equipment we need for our ministry.

Many Hands Make Light Work

Many Hands Make Light WorkSo many people have had a part making all this possible…and we are forever grateful. God met our needs at every turn through the generosity and love of his people. Our faith has grown in inumerable ways as we have seen God come through for us again and again.

The New Setting

The New SettingWhen I departed for California April 26th, Delores
and I were still waiting on God’s provision for housing. After I had been on the road for two days, Delores called to say a friend in Palm Desert offered her lovely home for our use.  She had been out of work for a year when she got her old job back and was leaving for Liberia about the same time Delores would be arriving in California, May 20. God’s just-in-time resourcing came through again. God’s ways are always perfect. We love the desert and its amazing beauty.

We are two hours from our old home base in Orange County and travel there often for our
work. Additionally, we are engaging our ministry in the desert, with JPL Bible Church as home base.

Family Overview

Family OverviewLucas is in Dana Point, California, and continues to work toward entering the Coast Guard. Aaron and Tatum are still in West Palm Beach, Florida. Ryan and his new wife, Tiffany, are steady as she goes in North Little Rock, Arkansas. In Baton Rouge our 12 year old granddaughters, Sage and Amber, are growing up all too quickly. Their mother, Amy, recently married Ben  Moore. Delores and I are truly blessed to have such a wonderful family. The picture is of a camping trip we took with Ryan, Tiffany, Sage and Amber in the spring.

This is Scott, —– for the two of us

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