Masters Commission

Ed, left, Jason, right at LW staff hayride
As usual, we had a wonderful 8 days in Dayton, Ohio.  We spent time with the pastor and his wife, met with Implementation team leaders to see how the work is progressing as they work on their minimum factor from the NCD survey, and met with some of the other staff members.

Meet Jason and Jennifer Norman to the right. They are both on staff at Living Word – Dayton.  Jennifer is a secretary who has a wonderful administrative gift.  We can always count on her to help keep us organized any time we are in town.  Jason leads Masters Commission at Living Word – Dayton.  We had dinner with them one evening so we could pick their brains and find out more about Masters Commission.  This organization is part of Masters Commission International Network.

The goal of Masters Commission is to raise up a generation of world-changers, recklessly abandoned to the cause of Christ.  Jason’s group of young men and women are out of high school and considering doing full-time Christian work.  They move to the area and do this full time.  They spend their days in class work, study time, serving, and ministry.  Before they are finished with the program, they will have reported on 10 Old Testament books and all New Testament books.

Jason worked three years at a correctional facility for boys 12-18 years old.  He can see how God used that time to help prepare him for his ministry.  The team goes into the schools and churches and does what they call human videos.  They are able to address issues such as rejection, suicide, peer pressures, etc.  He is also designing follow-up CDs to leave for the teachers’ use after they leave.  In the evenings, Jason holds rallies.  At that time, he preaches the word and invites the young people to receive Christ.  He has had wonderful response to his invitations.

Jason was concerned about young people coming to Christ at these outreaches, but not having a church to help ground them in the Lord. During a 21 day fast, the Lord impressed on him the need to connect with pastors and youth workers in each area before going into the schools.  Since that time, God has been opening doors left and right.

As we listen and learn from our brothers and sisters in Christ, we marvel at the way God moves upon lives to use them uniquely for kingdom work.

May you, also, be fruitful as you serve the Savior.

This is Delores, reporting from the field

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