Location, Location, Location


LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATIONYou’ve heard it said, “Location is everything”. But God tells us, “People are everything”.

Giving and Receiving – It’s All About People

Reciprocity is one of our core values. It has to do with the concept of equal sharing in kind. We have experienced much reciprocity in each of our ministry assignments over the last four decades. Using our spiritual gifts to help individuals and  groups be formed in the image of Christ is a privilege; as we interact with the body of Christ, we in turn have the experiences we need to be changed into his image as well. The body of Christ really does build itself up in love as each part does its work.

The Lord has enriched our lives in the 12 years we have lived and ministered in California. Each of us has been known to say that we felt we were “born to live in California”. Our state is known for its beauty and diversity: the mountains, the ocean, the deserts, and the
beauty and diversity of its people. On a given day we overhear any number of languages being spoken in our apartment complex alone. This stream of encounters has caused our hearts, minds and spirits to grow.

Before coming to California, God blessed us with 23 years of life and ministry in South Louisiana. Most people only need to visit the area once to fall in love with the warm and gracious people, the beautiful lush landscapes and the special culture. The reciprocity we experienced with our Louisiana friends laid important foundations for all we are and do to this day.

Two Locations — One Way of Life

Pictured above are our granddaughters, Amber and Sage, and their mother, Amy Horn. A conversation with Amy last November was one of several things God used to set up the changes for our next adventure.

As the Lord stirred our hearts about our granddaughters, we asked ourselves the question, “could it be that God would allow us to continue to invest in the churches and people
that are the very fabric of our lives here in the West — AND also pursue life and ministry in Louisiana for a portion of the year?” As we have thought and prayed, we have concluded that this is indeed what God has for us at this time.

Our granddaughters will begin Sherwood Middle Magnet in Baton Rouge in the fall. It is our hearts’ desire to be able to be hands-on grandparents during their teen years. God’s word to us is Psalm 37:4, “Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart”. We are hoping to spend the majority of the school year in Louisiana whileTwo Locations -- One Way of Life
spending May through September in Southern California.

One of the churches in our spectrum of ministry is JPL Bible Church. We were coaches for the planting of this church six years ago and are enjoying an ongoing working relationship with them to this day. JPL is located in the desert community of Rancho Mirage. Pictured above are Steve and Martie Sorensen and their sons, Matthew and Michael.

Steve is the pastor of JPL Bible Church. Through friends of the Sorensens, God has provided free housing for our California time in 2010. We will be house sitting for “snow
birds” in the off season. This “no rent” aspect makes our plan possible since we will have a year-round expense of sharing a house in Baton Rouge with Amy and the twins. Rancho Mirage is only two hours away from our current home in Orange County, making it feasible for us to continue to build on our investments in people and churches in “The
Southland”, as Southern California is known here. 

Setting the Stage

Setting the StageOur current plan is to continue living and working here in California for approximately the next four months. Our youngest son, Lucas, is currently living with us, working at Vision Motorsports, and making plans to join the Coast  Guard in the not-too-distant future. We are hoping his launch into the service and the beginning of the girls’ school year will coincide. Therefore, with God’s help, our plan is to move to Baton Rouge by late summer or early fall.

For Jesus and the church,
Scott and Delores

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