Life is so much about Family

Ryan, Lucas and Aaron Horn

Dear Friends,
God has richly blessed us with three wonderful sons.  Our first son arrived after almost eight years of waiting.  In fact, Ryan was born Christmas Eve, 31 years ago!

I pulled out this old picture of our three sons, shown above, because it so exhibits to me the joy of family.  Ryan was 10, Lucas was celebrating his 1st birthday and Aaron was 6.  They were then and continue to be the delight of our eyes.

LIFE IS SO MUCH ABOUT FAMILY!  Some find great joy in the families they grew up in.  Others did not truly experience “family” until coming to Jesus and experiencing the “family of God”.

But God cared so much about his human family that he “sent his son” to show us what he was really like and to make a way for us to “experience the glorious family in heaven for all eternity”.

This Christmas, our hearts are full of thanksgiving to our glorious savior, Jesus Christ.  Through him we have learned to love and enjoy all our families here on earth, our sons and the ones they love, and each of you we know because of being part of God’s family.

May you experience the love and fellowship of “family” on earth and throughout all eternity.

Loving Jesus – loving you,

Delores – for the two of us – reporting from the field

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