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Welcome to the Horn’s
March 2012


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Laguna Niguel, CA 92607

Prayers & Praises

Praises for:

the continuing experience of God’s providence in our
life and work.

Praises for:

the continuing experience of God’s providence in our
life and work.

an ever increasing circle of friends.

Prayer that:

God would meet our needs for safety and
health in our travels.

that the two of us would be a blessing to everyone
we encounter.

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Recently, we spent our last Sunday at our home church in
Baton Rouge. This slide is of a few of our favorite
people. They represent so many people we know and love
in the South.

We will miss the presence of each one while we are out
West. The good news is, God has other “families” for us
to experience while we are away.


This slide is of our “dinner group” from the church. God
opened the doors for “an older couple (us)” to be part
of these young families for a few weeks. How we love
each of them! We will carry them in our hearts and
prayers while we are away.

God has beautiful things in store for these couples as
they journey with Christ. It was a indeed a privilege to
become part of their lives.


The above two sections illustrate a core objective as we
minister in churches. This is, the connecting of people
around Christ and the creation and nurturing of
community in each church. the abundant Christian life
can only be experienced in the context of taking a
journey with others. “….so in Christ we who are many
form one body, and each member belong to all the
others.” Romans 12


The first of the month we enjoyed facilitating our
Getting in the Game workshop with members of the
Shreveport Vineyard. We began the day by saying that
Jesus left a plan to build his church. That plan is
found in Ephesians 4:16, “…the body of Christ builds
itself up in love as each part does its work” and
Ephesians 2:22, “And in him you too are being built
together to become a dwelling in which God lives by his
Spirit.” By the end of the time, each person walked away
with a clearer understanding of the gifts God has given
him/her and an expanded vision of how their gifts can
help build the church. It was a fun time and, as usual,
we were greatly blessed in the process.


It is time to transition to California. The following is a brief itinerary for your information and prayer.

Spring Break, April 1-7, are the dates for us to camp with our granddaughters, their dad and his wife. We will also take the “plunge” on a zip line adventure. Should be fun!

One week later we leave for California. Between then and our arrival in Palm Desert, we will have seen many friends and loved ones, ministered in a couple of churches and traveled 2100 miles. We want to thank you for your ongoing interest in our lives and ministry.


This is Scott and Delores, reporting from the field

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