I Sing for Joy at the Works of Your Hands

Sage, Amy, Amber

We thoroughly enjoyed our time in December with our granddaughters, Sage and Amber.  We were able to be at their skating party for their #7 birthdays.  (They are good on those skates, too!)  They certainly keep their mom, Amy, on the run.



Yessss, some pastors do crawl out of bed early on Saturday mornings to meet with us!  In this case, it is pastors Dino Rizzo (left) and Johnny Green of Healing Place Church in Baton Rouge. The two days of ministry at HPC gave us opportunity to invest in one of the outstanding churches with whom we work.

Anna Monica and I

It was wonderful seeing old friends in Louisiana. Anna Monica and I have known each other since we both worked at Chevron Oil Company in New Orleans back in 1968 while Scott was attending seminary. The Lord has developed our friendship over the years.  People and God are truly what make life exciting.

Scott and I recently led a workshop for Crossline Community Church called “Getting in the Game”. In  this workshop people discover their spiritual gifts and get a glimpse of the many ways God wants to use them in building his church.  Crossline is a church plant and our new home base.  The official launch date is Feb 13 and will meet in the high school Lucas attended, Capo Valley High School.

This is Delores,
          reporting from the field — for the two of us.

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