I Got to Thinkin / Savoring the Moment

I Got to Thinkin

After being with pastor couples on Friday and Saturday nights, attending a high school

Delores and Scott, 2012

Delores and Scott, 2012

musical, four worship services on Sunday and ending Sunday at a CRM friend’s birthday party in San Diego, I’ve been meditating this morning on what I have seen and heard.

All the sermons had something that challenged my heart to be fully committed to my savior; two were at a large church in Orange County, one was spoken to high school students in their own service and one was a new church in a warehouse.

Later, I said to Scott that people of all ages, in all sizes and varieties of churches are really wanting the same thing: an authenic relationship with Christ the king and with other people. And Sunday, if they were in the services we attended, they were informed and challenged and witnessed changed lives among the people in attendance. God is at work in his churches. We are thankful he has called us to invest in the health of churches so they can be Jesus to a hungry world.

Savoring the moment

Theresa and Kevin Hayashida

Theresa and Kevin Hayashida

One of the benefits of our work is long-term friendships like the one we have with Theresa and Kevin Hayashida. Kevin pastors Crossroads Community Church in Mission Viejo. When we lived in California, before starting our split-year scenerio, Theresa and I met for coffee to share our lives on a regular basis. I miss those times. I always felt inspired by this mother and her work in children’s ministry. I truly savor the time when we are able to connect again as we did on Saturday evening.

Taking time to share life

Taking time to share lifeJesus took time for people in many settings and we too enjoy experiencing different aspects of people’s lives. This trip into OC provided an opportunity to attend the musical, “Grease”. Two other dear friends, Ben and Stacie Hurst, another pastor couple, had two of their four children performing in the production. It was a treat for us to share these moments with them. Their daughter, Gabrianna who graduates from high school this week, is the blond on the right.


Gleanings from what I heard

“Living by faith means stepping out of your comfort zone”.

“It cost Jesus to love people — and it will cost you”.

“God gives the fruit and he is a safe gardener — even when he is holding the shears”.

Challenging words — and true. Lord, may I always stay open to you to step out when you call me to do so.

This is Delores, Reporting from the Field

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