Have you been to a church launch lately?

Have you been to
a church launch lately?

-to set into operation; to start. 

Grand Opening
– An event that calls attention to a new place.

Whether you
call it a Launch or a Grand Opening, for those involved it means, “we are a new church and have prepared a place for anyone curious or interested in seeing if we can become home for them.”

Recently, we had the joy of being at  New Season Churchwhen they had their Grand Opening.  It was an exciting time with Pastors Ben and Stacie Hurst and the people of New Season.

Then a week later the church we call home had its launch…

Crossline Community Church
officially opened for ministry to our community.  Our church is lead by JP and Donna Jones and a group of wonderful people who share their dream.  We showed up at 6 a.m. with other excited people who had been praying and planning and trusting God for several months. Scott and I helped turn Capo High School into a church.  We stayed through two services and then helped tear down.  We got home at 2 p.m.  We were so exhausted that we crawled into bed for a couple of hours.  It was more fun than is probably legal.
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