Being what you are made for

Malcolm Gladwell writes books I really enjoy reading…and rereading. I am an “idea person” and Malcolm Gladwell is of like stripe. He has a knack at blending interesting ideas into a new way of seeing otherwise familiar things.

As one idea guy to another, this can be marvelous. Now the goal of an idea guy is to have an ever-increasing grasp of things that help in the understanding of the big picture. And, I am that too…a “big picture guy”, the macro view of things is the way my mind works.

Now it is worth saying, parenthetically, that the core orientations I have are a direct result of my spiritual gifts.Three of my dominant gifts are apostle, wisdom and knowledge…and these result in me being an idea guy and a holistic thinker.

One thing that fascinates me is the further I go down the path of understanding and using spiritual gifts, the more I recognize and appreciate that that has always been who I am. Even in childhood these gifts were the lens through which I saw the world.

I contribute to the building up of the body of Christ when I offer these perspectives in a humble way. My prevailing¬† question to all the Christians I meet is, what gifts has God put in you for the building up of his church? When you know this, you know your calling. And this is important because living out one’s calling is what each believer is responsible for. I pray this is an encouragement and exhortation for all who read it.

my 1947 PontiacFifty-one years ago on May 28th, Delores and I were married. We got in my 1947 Pontiac and headed to new Mexico where I spent the summer working for the U.S. Forest Service. This began the adventure of our life together that has brought us to this day…and what a ride it has been! Like the Blues Brothers, Delores and I have been on a “mission for God” all these years.

People Plus God = Ministry

Jesus captured our hearts in a big way a few months after our wedding .. and the rest is history.

A great number of people have passed through our lives since 1965. Delores and I are thankful for all the people who have responded positively to our leadership over the decades. And, to say the obvious, all these people have contributed to our journey toward Christlikeness and heaven in innumerable ways. Christian relationships and the community they create are the heart and soul of the spiritual journey. We are eternally grateful for all the ministry given and received.

Family News

In March Delores and I made our third trip this year to Oklahoma. On March 17 my brother and I moved my mom, Sue, into assisted living. Since last June she has been on hospice care and has had around-the-clock in-home help. Because of some improvement in her ability to function, assisted living became an option. Even with her worsening dementia, she seems to be functioning reasonably well in her new setting.

Delores’ mom, Klova Dee, continues to receive good care in the nursing home where she is a resident. We are thankful for God’s provision of loving people in her life.

Thank you, friends, for your continued love and interest in our lives and ministry.

This is Scott, reporting…for the two of us

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