At the End of the Year

At the End of the Year

Do you look back and reflect? We often look back and ask
ourselves, “So what is it we are passionate about? What
do we spend our time thinking about and studying? How do we prepare for our work?”

Healthy Churches = A More Acurate Expression of the Savior

In September we took Phases I and II of Natural Church Development (NCD) training to better equip us to help churches become healthier. The people attending were leaders from various denominations and different types of churches. The thing that impressed us about these leaders was their heart and passion to help churches within theirĀ  responsibilities to become healthier and, therefore, reflect the Savior more profoundly to a needy world.

The Common Life

We are always reading several books at a time. Part of this reading is to help us improve our thinking about healthy churches and how they function. One book having an impact on us currently is Tokens of Trust by Rowan Williams.

In referring to the church body as a whole, he writes, “The New Testament sees theĀ  church as a community in which each person has a gift that only they can give into the common life… the frustration of any one member is the frustration of all – because then there is something that is not being properly given. Someone has not been granted the freedom to offer what only he or she can give to the whole.” He also adds on the converse
side, “a well-functioning Christian community is going to be one in which everyone is working steadily to release the gifts of others.”

We could not agree more. The two of us have a passion to see churches function on a high level in spiritual gifts. This is an important part of our work.

Questions We Ask Ourselves

The questions often come to mind:
(1) Are we using the spiritual gifts God has given us to build up the church? and
(2) Are we working steadily to help release the gifts of others?

Blessings to You

Many thanks to you who have tracked with us as we work to help church leaders remove barriers to their churches becoming healthier, and ultimately more fruitful.

May you be blessed in your relationships here on earth, as well as with the Savior who was born to bring us peace.

Christmas blessings,
Scott and Delores

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