A Growing Passion for Prayer

“I love the Lord because he hears my prayers and answers them. Because he bends down and listens. I will pray as long as I breathe!” Psalm 116:1&2

We believe God is stirring something afresh in us; a deepening love for intercessory prayer. Let me explain how most of our mornings go when we are at home. We wake early and go for our bike ride before it gets too hot here in steamy Baton Rouge. Then we have breakfast and clean up. After that I go to our bedroom and Scott goes to our home office . We spend time with the Lord individually and then meet back together to discuss new thoughts and insights from our study and reflections. Then we pull out our prayer lists and ask the Lord to direct our prayer time. Over the years the word has gotten out that we love to pray for others. We have a steady stream of people asking us to support them in prayer for the needs in their lives.

In this present season of ministry we are asking the Lord to make us aware of any adjustments he has for us in our work. Along with our ministry of helping churches become even healthier, Scott and I can sense God stirring within us once again a desire to participate more extensively as intercessors. This love for intercessory prayer really blossomed while we were part of the Intercessory Team with Church Resource Ministries. We feel blessed to have the privilege of holding others up before God’s throne of grace. As we hear of answers to prayer, our hearts rejoice over God’s love and faithfulness to  his children.



August Plans

We are scheduled to leave for California August 5. We currently plan to be away from Baton Rouge for two months. Your prayers would be greatly appreciated as we engage with the churches, pastors, friends and supporters along our way.

     This is Delores, reporting from the field

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