40 years together – Scott & Delores

40 years!

40 – God sent rain to the earth for 40 days
40 – Israelites wandered in wilderness 40 years
40 – Moses was in exile for 40 years
40 – Jesus fasted for 40 days

40 years      Scott & Delores have taken a journey together with Jesus

Where has the time gone?  The pictures show some of what has happened – we were married, children and grandchildren came, we grew older.  As I glanced through some of our albums – one theme stands out.  Our marriage has been about people and God’s impact in our lives and their lives.  Our marriage has been about a friendship that began 44 years ago and has continued only because God has been in the middle – being FAITHFUL, FAITHFUL, FAITHFUL!  He has never failed us. He has brought us back to himself again and again. We cannot thank him enough!  Thank you, Lord God for loving us and never failing us!






And just think what neat things happened after all the “40’s” listed above!  We are “ leaving no one behind” and will serve Jesus until our last breath!






This is Delores,
  reporting from the field — for the two of us.

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