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    • Jesus Sightings

      October 31, 2017

      The revelation of Jesus to a needy world is helped along by “Jesus Sightings” — that is, transformed Jesus followers being mistaken for Jesus. This is driven by God’s goal for every believer to be transformed into the image of … Continue reading

assessmentHow Delores and Scott
help churches and church leadership

Each church is unique in its founding, calling, history and leadership. Scott and Delores assess churches and church leaders.

Natural Church Development is a paradigm of ministry that looks at the qualities of a healthy church. Scott and Delores use NCD to help churches move toward greater fruitfulness and effectiveness.

hands-on process of helping leaders see and move toward next steps.

helping another person discover God’s plan for his or her life and maximizing this plan for Christ and his church.

The Horns create and facilitate supportive environments that provide a safe place for leaders to process critical issues of their lives and find on-going fellowship among their peers.

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